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The VBurst™ is a fabric pop-up system with a fabric graphic already attached to the frame using Velcro. It is available as either a flat wall or curved display. The VBurst™ graphic is a Kaleidoscope Select™ or Colossus™ dye sublimation fabric graphic. When the unit is set up, the graphic unfolds with the frame and stretches to form a completely smooth image across the entire display. The VBurst™ can be purchased with or without end panels. End panels are simply a wider graphic wrapped around the ends of the pop-up frame. The VBurst™ system comes with a nylon-carrying bag. Adjustable feet are included on each unit. The VBurst™ frame can be purchased without a graphic.


Unit Size          Graphic Size (W x H)
No Endcaps         
Graphic Size (W x H)
With Endcaps         
1 x 3 Flat 31” x 87.75” 55” x 87.75” 13 lbs.
2 x 2 Flat 59.5” x 59.5” 83.5” x 59.5” 17 lbs.
2 x 3 Flat 59.5” x 87.75” 83.5” x 87.75” 19 lbs.
3 x 2 Flat 87.75” x 59.5” 111.75” x 59.5” 19 lbs.
3 x 3 Flat 87.75” x 87.75” 111.75” x 87.75” 23 lbs.
4 x 3 Flat 116.625” x 87.75” 140.625” x 87.75” 29 lbs.
4 x 4 Flat 116.625” x 116.75” 140.625” x 116.75” 31 lbs.
5 x 3 Flat 145.5” x 87.75” 169.8” x 87.75” 34 lbs.
2 x 2 Curved 53.5” x 59.5” 77.5” x 59.5” 17 lbs.
3 x 3 Curved 78.75” x 87.75” 102.75” x 87.75” 23 lbs.
4 x 3 Curved 105.75” x 87.75” 129.75” x 87.75” 29 lbs.

Additional Specs:
  • Weight includes graphics, stand & bag
  • Shipping Weight: (add 2 - 5 lbs. for box and packing)



Please search the Templates page for the specific VBurst!™ template



  • Spennare Monitor Mount

    Spennare Monitor Mount
  • LED Arm Light

    LED Arm Light
  • Universal Light

    Universal Light
  • Halogen Light

    Halogen Light
  • Shipping Case

    Shipping Case
  • Case to Counter

    Case to Counter
  • End Cap Brackets

    End Cap Brackets



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VBurst™ 2017-09-25 17:01:40 Tim
Overall Rating 
Reviewed by Tim    September 25, 2017

VBurst Frame Broken

I have a VBurst display that has some damage to the frame and I need to order replacement parts, however I cannot find a phone number, email or anyway of contacting you. Please provide me a contact number.

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VBurst™ 2014-06-17 00:22:51 Tony Cozzi
Overall Rating 
Reviewed by Tony Cozzi    June 17, 2014

Contact details

Wher can I find your vburst product in Europe?

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